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Behavioral Health Unit


The BCD Unit is licensed by the State of New York Office of Alcohol and Substance Abuse Services for the treatment of alcoholism and substance abuse. The program is accredited by The Joint Commission.

Our Professional Staff

The team of professionals at the BCD Unit includes physicians, nurses and credentialed alcohol and drug counselors.


The BCD Unit accepts patients in medical distress from the abuse of alcohol and/or drugs. The length of each patient's stay is determined by the patient's history of addiction and by the patient's individual needs.

Admissions are completely confidential and available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The patient may call on his/her own or be referred to the unit by others.

Program of Care

  • Referral to continued addiction treatment
  • Complete medical evaluation
  • Treatment and referral for medical conditions
  • Medically managed, acute care detoxification
  • Professional, nature-based counseling
  • Individual and group programs
  • Relaxation techniques, including t'ai chi, nature trail, meditation and guided imagery
  • Nutritional screening and education

Special Features

  • 24-hour intake evaluations
  • Three- to 14-day stay, as needed
  • Non-Methadone detoxification from all opiate drugs including methadone


The CRMC Behavioral Health Unit (BHU) provides acute short-term inpatient care to appropriate adolescents and adults within their own community. The client who is experiencing acute mental/emotional and/or behavioral symptoms and requires twenty-four (24) hour, medically supervised, safe and structured care is the focus of our services. The client might require voluntary or involuntary legal status at admission.

Children under the age of eighteen (18) years will be serviced on the medical surgical or pediatric unit until an appropriate mental/behavioral health unit is available for transfer. Our goal is to avoid admission of children less than eighteen (18) years, but to assist in the immediate transfer from the emergency department to an agency that specializes in child/adolescent mental health care.

The primary goal of our services is to provide a therapeutic and secured environment, which will be conducive to healing and recovery from the acute emotional crisis and dysfunctional behavior.