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Spiritual Support

The Spiritual Care Program

Our Spiritual Care Program caters to all faiths allowing Clergy to have a profound impact on patients and their families when confronting life’s most challenging times. The clergy community provides support for patients to be in touch with their own beliefs and meet them where they are – spiritually and emotionally.

Garnet Health Medical Center – Catskills offers locations for prayer, thought and reflection. Our Chapel is located on our 5th floor. Our Chesed Shabbos Room is also located on the 5th floor.

Patients and family members can request Clergy members through any of our staff members.

When Should You Call for Spiritual Care?

When patients or families are:

  • Experiencing conflict, despair or losing hope
  • Confronting serious illness
  • Facing surgery
  • Suffering from trauma
  • Facing life situations which seem to contribute to illness or complicate healing
  • Facing difficult ethical decisions about treatment
  • Lacking supportive family, friends or a congregation within visiting range

To request a visit by a clergy member, please contact the Community Service Office at extension 2185 between the hours of 9:00 AM and 3:00 PM or speak with a member of your care team. They will gladly assist you.

Bibles, Qur’ans, and electric Shabbos candles are available upon request.
We also offer a bereavement support group for anyone who has lost a loved one.