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The Statistics on Sexual Assault in Sullivan County

Sexual Assault Awareness Month

Did you know? Every 92 seconds an American is sexually assaulted. Every 9 minutes that person is a child.

Only 5 out of every 1000 perpetrators end up in prison.

In 2017, there were 98 rapes in Sullivan County. In comparison to the 13 robberies on record. This is all to say that rape is happening in our community, and it can happen to anyone.

In 2018, RISE staff and volunteers provided individual services to 262 people, 132 were new to RISE. We provide services to children and adults living in Sullivan County and those who experienced sexual violence in Sullivan County.

Where does sexual assault happen?

  • 55% at or near the victim’s home
  • 15% open public places
  • 12% at or near a relative’s home
  • 10% enclosed but public space
  • 8% school property

It’s hard to know what to do, how to feel or what your options are after a sexual assault. Please know that you are not alone and that what happened was not your fault.

If you have any questions, call the RISE hotline.
Twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, RISE provides crisis intervention. Call the RISE hotline at 845-791-9595

Providing Support To Our Community

At Garnet Health Medical Center – Catskills, it is so important to us to raise awareness on this issue and to offer the resources, support, and education to anyone who has been a victim of sexual abuse, including:

  • Support Groups
  • Advocates after incident
  • Prevention Education
  • Counseling Services
  • 24-hour crisis hotline: 845-791-9595

RISE provided outreach and training to hundreds of people via tabling events, presentations, the RISE conference and participation at community events.

Learn more about the RISE Program

What can you do?

There are little things that you can do every day to help raise awareness and prevent sexual assault from happening.

Talk about it: For one, talk about sexual assault/sexual abuse and the effects that sometimes last a lifetime.

Teach and model: Anyone and everyone has the opportunity to teach and model respect for all people. This is in the way that we act and treat the people around us everyday. Be aware of your actions and the actions of others.

Parents are encouraged to teach consent (asking permission) and respect to their children from birth on.

Speak up: Intervene in some way when you see or hear about sexual violence. Stand up for yourself and others.


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